She is Destined to Become a Shero

Prepare her with life lessons that they don’t teach in school

The Inevitable Rise of the Shero Nation

The Inevitable Rise

There are so many influences. On Television and online that are vying for their attention. Many of which do not have their best intentions in mind.

It is up to YOU  mothers and fathers,  to provide her with the tools she will need to realize the Shero within. For she is divinely favored and destined for greatness

This book is an invaluable tool

This book uncovers the effect of social and cultural ideals that continue to affect women’s advancement but most importantly reveals that we have the ability and power to change these ideas and move toward equal pay for equal work, change perceptions of women’s ability to lead and do so in a way where men and women can effectively co-exist in the workplace and in society.

More of what this book does 

✅ It reveals the invisible challenges that continue to hinder womens advancement

It reveals that social and cultural behavior is learned. This means that it can be re-written to better reflect the 21st century woman

It provides a look at where women have been and how they are destined to continue to move forward powerfully