The Inevitable Portrait (free download)

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The Inevitable Poem

“As I embarked upon my journey to the writing of this book there was a lot of emotion behind each of the chapters; much of which I have personal experiences. The roots of all experiences in life come from a place not visible to the eye. Some of those roots are shallow and die off while others take hold and run deep creating stability and strength. My inspiration for the words that fill the pages of this book reminds me of a tree tunnel.

The Inevitable Portrait.

As trees push through the earth and continue to grow, they stand firm on their own. As women, we are much like these trees. We have endured trials that have attempted to break us only to make us stronger.  As we join together in a common fight for equality, we grow in unison creating a beautiful pathway to that place we would like to provide as our future and the future for children and their children passing forward the lessons and the blessings. 

As tree branches grow and form a natural tunnel, I envision women joining together in much the same way.  Let us join together and protect and cover each other for the individual tree stands strong alone but together they create the promise of the never-ending light at the end of the tunnel for all to enjoy! It is my sincere joy to know that every woman, young and old, can enjoy the knowledge and inspiration passed through me to the words on the pages my book.  May it fill you with the promise that the light that shines for us all at the end of the tunnel is forever ours!”

-Dr. Barbara Walker Green-