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The 105th Indianapolis 500 is about to run — and this year’s race could mark a first. Over the years, only nine women have driven in the marquee event. But this time, one of 35 teams competing to qualify is made up mostly of women, including the driver, owner and crew.

As cars zip by at over 200 miles per hour at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on the first day of practice Tuesday, the No. 16 car pulls into the pit lane and crew member Caitlyn Brown climbs over the wall to service the inside front tire.

She’s one of the women on team Paretta Autosport — about 70% of its members are women. Brown is excited to be in the public’s eye.

“It’s definitely something that it’s still hard to wrap my head around right now,” she says. “Because you don’t really understand the impact you’re making until it’s over. So it’s just incredible to be able to have the opportunity. And I can’t imagine what it’s gonna feel like come race day.”

For the first time in Indianapolis 500 history, a majority-women’s team is aiming to compete in the “Greatest Spectacle in Racing,” as it’s known.

The Paretta team, which was announced earlier this year, is a part of a broader effort to bring more diversity to motor sports.

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