Dr. Barbara Walker-Green holds a Doctorate in Business Management and spent her research years studying social and cultural challenges for women across the world. Barbara’s dissertation research inspired her to write about social issues and their underlying causes particularly when it comes to women and their struggles in Western society. Her 20 years of experience as an award-winning financial advisor lends to her ability to identify pain points, reveal them, and be a guide to informed choices. Barbara’s debut book, The Inevitable Rise of the Shero Nation, speaks clearly to her skill with identifying pain points, unpacking their origin, and divulging paths for resolutions. This debut book will be followed by a sequence of books relevant to social and cultural discovery and revelation. A native Californian, Barbara currently lives and works in Sugar Land, Texas.  She spends most summers traveling the world and meeting new people. She holds true to her family motto “3-deep” whereby she strives to pass a wealth of self-reflection and responsibility to her children, her children’s children, and her great-grandchildren. Her legacy is also responsible for passing this motto on until generational wealth is realized, each generation responsible for reaching three generations deep. The wealth of family traditions, self-actualization, financial stability, and service to the community is the wealth to be communicated.  Barbara is a natural educator dedicated to supporting family and those who look to her for advice with the gifts of wisdom and expertise that she has been blessed with.

My Why – Dr. Barbara Walker Green